We offer Microsoft 365 consulting, custom SharePoint developments, and Office 365 and Dynamics 365 solutions

365 Digital Consulting (ABN: 44635109634) is a SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 consulting firm based in Sydney. We offer highly innovative world-class Office 365 solutions to the businesses in Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada.

We have hand-picked Office 365 experts and developers who have decades of experience only on these platforms. Therefore, they are able to provide the best Office 365 development services for the clients. We are based in Australia but most of our Office 365 consultants and developers are located in Europe and the Middle East. So, the entire team works together remotely and provides almost 24-hour support services. That is perfect for multinational companies who need Office 365 services support in different time zones. It also allows us to provide services out of business hours without extra cost.
Our SharePoint development team focuses on making use of Office 365 cutting-edge technologies to enable the businesses utilise those tech on their day to day operation. We have also partnered with technology providers and ISV companies who built quick solutions to fix specific common issues.

Microsoft 365 consulting, custom SharePoint developments, and Office 365 and Dynamics 365 solutions
Microsoft Office 365 experts in Australia and united kingdom

Our Goal

365 Digital Consulting aim is to allow businesses to focus on their core business functions, while we deliver solutions in a cost-effective manner.  Our Microsoft 365 consulting services allow them to work on their business goals. While, we implement digital transformations for their business and provide online services to them and their customers. With our services, organizations can keep their software development costs under control.

Dedicated to providing you the best Microsoft Office 365 solutions

Partnerships we’ve built

We have carefully selected vendors from around the world to be our partners. In order to provide the most cost-effective solutions for our clients with minimum implementation time. This adds tangible value addition to our solutions. From reduced development duration, to cost saving and a number of other benefits, our 3rd party tools can prove to be highly effective for your business.

Microsoft office 365 consulting partners
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Meet Our Team


Information Architecture


Document management and

collaboration SaaS & cloud engineer

Ehsan Ehsan

Tech Lead

Senior Full Stack Developer,

SharePoint and Office 365 Expert,



Senior SharePoint and Office 365 Developer


SharePoint and Office 365 Developer/Tester


SharePoint and Office 365 and Xamarin Developer/Tester


Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM Developer


Senior SharePoint and Office 365 Developer


Senior Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM Developer


Talent Hunter Recruiter


Senior Power BI and Database Developer


UI/UX and Graphic designer content creator


Business analyst and project coordinator


Finance officer

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