Case study

Case study

Work order management

365 Digital consulting helped the client to have a synchronized work order management on office 365. Using Xero, QuickBooks, MailChimp, TextMarketer, integration with SharePoint/Office 365, we enabled the best process automation for small businesses.

Asbestos Removal Mobile App Form

To automate the workflow and eliminate a large amount of paperwork, 365 Digital Consulting applied Power Platform solution, a combination of PowerApps, SharePoint and PowerAutomate.

Expense Claim Solution

Calculating the expense claim manually, is a tough and time consuming job. In the meantime, it requires lots of accuracy and attention. 365 Digital Consulting primed the client to easily enforce spending expenses, capture receipts, process expense claims and make better business decisions based on the timely and accurate data; thus their productivity and profitability were significantly improved with Expense Claim solution.

Dynamics 365 CRM Customisation and Integration

Dynamics CRM Customization and Integration done by 365 Digital Consulting enabled the client to have a flawless database of details and helped them to avoid manual data entry and save lots of time.

Office 365 timesheet solution

Using Office 365 SharePoint/Teams integration with Xero, we enabled an automatic SharePoint timesheet invoicing system on Microsoft 365 to track time and issue invoices effortlessly.

PowerApps Portal Extranet solution

Our PowerApps Portal extranet solution allows stakeholders to access necessary data. Using PowerApps portal and M-Files integration partners can get informed about the current status of the project.

Project Server synchronisation with Teams tasks

By implementing Microsoft 365 Project server synchronisation with Microsoft Teams, 365 Digital Consulting provided a real-time collaboration platform for the client.

Custom SharePoint Intranet solution

We designed an ultimate SharePoint intranet solution on Office 365 for a Modern Workplace to empower the client’s company with best user experience and to drive collaboration.

Policy management solution on SharePoint online

Once a policy is developed, it’s important to keep track of who has read policy documents. By leveraging policy management solution on SharePoint online, organisations can notify employees about updated policies

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