The Client Company

SpaMedica is one of the UK’s leading specialist providers of NHS eye healthcare services. They are proud to have the UK’s leading consultant ophthalmic surgeons and specialist doctors and they have got overall NHS rating of 5-star based on 2600+ reviews. They already have more than 500 staff and support thousands of patients, aim at growing their reach everywhere in the UK. 

The problem was derived from the previous intranet, which was not able to satisfy their requirements.  To develop an effective internal communication tool within SharePoint, they came to 365 Digital Consulting as an expert SharePoint consulting company for a solution.

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Medical and healthcare services

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Managing 10+ hospitals
500+ staff


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What Were The Challenges?

A lot of companies are using Microsoft SharePoint as a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information. It also offers a wide variety of options and tools to create an intranet for the organisation.

SpaMedica used to have a customized intranet. Although it was designed and built by a famous developer, it was not satisfying. The former intranet cost SpaMedica a large amount of budget but with very basic and inappropriate features that were not useful for them.

Furthermore, it was incapable of meeting their needs and its design was not attractive as well. Additionally, it was missing some important components and features.

Then they asked 365 Digital Consulting for a custom-made intranet that is specifically developed and designed for their needs.

What solutions were provided for SpaMedica?

By fully understanding their requirements and their desired design, the new intranet was built.  Some of the changes are listed below:

  • A more appealing modern UI with a unified menu was developed based on their custom design intranet.
  • As their patients leave reviews on the NHS website, the company wanted the latest feedbacks presenting to their employees. So, by integrating the NHS website review with the intranet, all staff can observe their performance through the intranet.
  • Some loyal patients want to return the favor because of the high-quality care they have received. So, they send physical beautiful “Thank You” cards for healthcare providers. Using a custom SPFx web part, the admin can scan the cards (including picture and text) and it will be shown on the intranet.
  • SharePoint online tiles web part (promoted links web part) for modern pages has been developed in order to allow them to have different colors and size tiles.
  • In the default event web part of SharePoint, only one color is available for all the event types, but the client needed a variety of colors for each type of event. 365 Digital Consulting provided diverse colors for every event type.

365 Digital Consulting designed an intranet that resolved the existing issues by building a useful and user-friendly intranet that could reflect their brand and values.

SharePoint intranet

What Were The Final Results?

As a result, an intranet was developed through the SharePoint Platform with required custom features which allow document collaboration, sharing crucial information, new appearance for events and news part, brand marketing materials, and new employee onboarding.

As the SpaMedica head of marketing says, “365 Digital Consulting went over and above to help us, even when we changed the scope and functionality hallway through. They were very flexible and understanding of our objectives.” The implemented intranet meets all the needs of the customer and boosts the engagement and collaboration of current employees.

Other Case Studies

Other Case Studies

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