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5-Star review from our clients:

That is the one we are proud of. 100% of our clients say they are willing to work with us in the future or willing to refer us to their friends. Indeed 66% of our clients either start their second project with us or refer us to another business. Word of the mouth has been our most effective marketing strategy so far.

Another client said “The migration was successful and the client is very pleased with the result.”

or this one is also interesting “They went over and above to help us, even when we changed the scope and functionality halfway through”

High-quality deliverable by affordable pricing:

Why are you paying so expensive consulting services daily rate? while you can receive the same or similar services with half or one-third of that price. We found a big gap in the market where the cheap freelancers provide unacceptable deliverables at low cost and local IT consulting businesses deliver good solutions at unacceptable prices which many businesses can’t afford. We deliver a normal mid-level solution which costs you normally $50K just under $20K.

We are providing a high-quality solution at cost-effective pricing that you can afford. You still work with your local consultant but behind the scenes, we use experienced remote developers for the most time-consuming parts of your project only which is the software development piece. That is how we cut our costs. Also, we don’t spend as much as others on marketing ads. No fancy modern office! No costly marketing ads! Just because we don’t need them. Instead, we use word of the mouth. Most importantly, when we cut our costs then give that saving back to you not as a profit in our pocket.

All the clients so far give us “NPS score of 5 out of 5. Willing to refer: Great experience. Would highly recommend them.”

another said:

“Value for your Money: very reasonable considering their technical ability”

Agile and quick to respond to our client:

Why should you wait standard 1-2 business days just for getting your initial response back? We respond to our clients within 2-4 hours using WhatsApp or Skype on their mobile number.

One of the clients said: “The team utilizes several communication tools to foster a smooth engagement.”

Support multiple time zones:

Why should you pay twice more to receive services out of your business hours? We provide services in three different time zones, from West Europe to East Australia. That means covering three continents including Europe, Asia, and Oceania. It is a perfect match for supporting multinational startups. So out of your business hours will fit inside one of our consultant’s business hours considering the timezone difference to apply any changes which do not affect your BAU.

The client said: “They remained organized and responsive despite working several time zones away.”

Expert on Microsoft ecosystems Office 365 and Dynamics 365:

We are experts on one thing only but we are deeply experts on it. Our team has very detailed knowledge of each and every single of those tools within the Office 365 and Dynamics 365 platforms. Most of our consultants spend their entire life just focusing on one of those technologies such as SharePoint, CRM, Document management, and Business process automation using Microsoft products. A combined experience of over 100+ years just by 9 of our consultants.

Our client said: “We were able to achieve the goal of streamlining Microsoft processes. Their team exhibited a great workflow, and they proactively overcame obstacles by leveraging unique resources.”

On-time and budget-friendly delivery:

The most common contact type which you receive from a consulting firm is called a “time and material” base which they charge you more once they can’t finish or deliver their project on-time for any reason. How much extra cost would it be? Unknown. So you will never know what is the exact cost for your project till almost in the middle or end of it. We are committed to deliver fix-price projects based on our initial estimate according to your scope. So for any reason that the time stretch we won’t charge you. Unless your project scope changes of course. Our word is our commitment. We will do our best to deliver your project within the initial agreed budget and on-time.

One client said “They charged a fair price, and there were no surprises.”

Another client said “They also had the experience and capabilities to deliver the project within tight timescales.”

if you would like to know more or just have a chat give us a call, will we be more than happy to help.